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by Luke Terry, Licensed Acupuncturist

As the recession wears on, some rather counter-intuitive trends have emerged. One would think that decreased economic activity would result in a decrease in American’s health for the average person.

That turns out to be false! According to John de Graaf of the Solutions Journal, the average American’s health has actually improved overall during the recession. Yes, it’s true that on the whole, people are working less and earning less, but they’re also driving less, smoking less, and eating less bad restaurant food. In addition, they’re spending more time with family & friends, exercising more, sleeping more, and gardening more. ??These healthy choices are decreasing the mortality rate. In fact, for every percentage point increase in unemployment, mortality decreases by about a half a percent. The largest improvements have been a big dip in traffic deaths, which has declined by 25%, and an increase in gardening, up 40%. Such a great silver lining!

On the other side of the coin, families who have experienced the loss of a job or income do experience more stress, and in some cases, rates of suicide amongst the unemployed has grown. One’s best defense is a good offense – developing a strong, positive attitude, a sense of personal well-being that is unconditional and not connected to external circumstances, these things can all bring deep happiness and health. This strategy can improve your own health, and as your health improves, we gain positive energy that helps everyone and everything around us.

As our economy retools and becomes more resilient, our best strategy is always to improve our own personal health and adaptability. Proven strategies to build deep inner vitality include a healthy, simple diet, regular exercise outside in the sun, strong social connections, and a lasting commitment to self-improvement.

Herbal medicine gives us one such avenue. We can build health & vitality by building our Qi energy, by strengthening our immune system, nervous system, and adrenals, by improving sleep quality and duration, by improving digestion and metabolism. These goals are all easily attainable through the use of herbal medicine.

For best results, contact a qualified herbal medicine practitioner in your area, or better yet, educate yourself on the ancient and yet timeless art and science of using botanical substances to build vibrant health from within.

Check out the MASTER HERBALIST PROGRAM, Luke Terry, L Ac, Dipl. Ac, MTOM, Clinical Director, Rachel Lord, RN, President & Dean of Students, Just for Health School of Reflexology & Healing Arts. 303-320-4367. Next training starts February 2011.

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by Marcia McCaffery

No matter what the situation, the answer is always gratitude.

MC Yogi (aka Nicholas Giacomini) grew up painting graffiti and listening to hip hop. Inspired by artists like the Beastie Boys and Run DMC, he began writing raps and free styling for friends at house parties. MC YOGI spent most of high school in a group home for at-risk youth, and hip hop culture provided both a soundtrack and a creative outlet during those turbulent teenage years. Then, at age 18, he discovered yoga.

On a whim, he joined his father for a yoga and meditation intensive with a famous spiritual teacher from India. Deeply moved by this powerful experience, MC YOGI devoted himsilf to learning everything he could about the ancient discipline. He began studying the physical forms of yoga, as well as meditation, philosophy and devotional chanting. It was at a yoga teacher training program in San Francisco that he met and fell in love with his wife, Amanda. After their first trip to India, they opened Yoga Toes studio in Point Reyes, California, where they currently reside.

By combining his knowledge of yoga with his love for hip hop music, MC YOGI creates an exciting new sound that brings the wisdom of yoga to a whole new generation. With the support of world-class producers and musicians – and a lot of help from Ganesh – MC YOGI presents ELEPHANT POWER!


by Michael Bernard Beckwith

$19.95 for hardback book$24.95 for widescreen deluxe edition dvd

The Public Television Special

In times of challenge and change, there are key questions that many share: Do we search for meaning, or grasp for survival? How can we prosper and grow? hat is genuine happiness and how may we experience it?

As one of the most respected visionary teachers of our time, Michael Bernard Beckwith addresses these profound questions in his first public television special. In this book, Beckwith explores in depth these topics and more. In the dvd, he delves deep into practical methods for manifesting prosperity and health; living a rich, fulfilling life; understanding universal laws and gaining greater self-awareness, courage and self-reliance.

Beckwith’s unwavering conviction about creating a world that works for everyone is contagious, engouraging and convincing.

The dvd main feature runs 60 minutes, plus over 80 minutes of extraordinary special feature extras. 8 full-length songs from Rickie Byars Beckwith, Siedah Garrett, Niki Haris, Will.I.Am and the Agape International Choir. Also interviews featuring Scott Bakula, Les Brown, Debbie Ford, Sally Kellerman, and many more, plus a funny and heart-warming look at behind the scenes.