by Bob Romero —

Bob Romero has been a diligent student of esoteric spiritual subjects and metaphysics for many years, with a life-long quest for answers. He has submitted new and original articles that focus on life lessons and experiences he wishes to share with our readers and the world.

There’s quite a bit information available on using color to heal and I took several classes on the healing power of color. I learned that there are healing attributes associated with each color. A Reiki Master who owns her own metaphysical shop in Santa Fe, New Mexico, told me that she visualizes a color on the person when she does Reiki on them without telling them. What’s amazing is that after the session they then tell her that they saw that color during the session when they closed their eyes. She explains to them that it’s not voodoo or magic, but just energy and science.

There’s a book by Darius Dinshah called “Let There Be Light” which gives a detailed account on how his father, Dinshah P. Ghadiali, used Spectro-Chrome color attributes to heal people. He would use a projector with a halogen light bulb with color filters and determined which colors to use for a vast list of diagnosed disorders. He would shine the light on the part of the body that had the condition for about an hour, depending on the amount of color tonation needed. The subject was usually about three feet away from the lamp. He was hounded by the AMA and never was able to make the practice widespread.

Green Gel over textI wrote an article on “Remote Healing” using prayer, Reiki, the Unseen Therapist, and the Silva Mind Control Method. It also described how I hold my hands over a list of the people for group healing using these various techniques. I had come across an article on the web on how to do this using Reiki. I decided to combine everything and integrate them with color and came up with my own technique. It is a work-in-progress as I continue to modify it in any way that I can to make it more effective.

I pray and meditate beforehand so that I’m grounded, and in a good state of mind. A list of people that I send energy to, is in a document that I put on the left side of my computer screen. On the right I have the article with the script that I use while sending energy. I put one of several large color gels that I have over the list.

I use blue on Sunday and Thursday, blue green on Monday, green on Tuesday and Friday, and purple on Wednesday and Saturday. Green is for healing, blue is for soothing and calming, and purple is for spiritual healing. On some days, I’ll light a candle of the same color as the gel, to enhance the flow of energy. I also have crystals of the same colors present like purple amethyst, rose quartz, green fluorite, and blue kyanite.

Following the script on the right of the screen, I state that “I’m only available for the highest good, truth, wisdom, and light. Thank You for letting me a vessel of your Divine Energy”. In my mind, I then draw the Reiki symbols over the list, starting with the power symbol, then the distance symbol, the mental symbol, and closing with the power symbol again. I state the name of the symbols three times as I draw them. I face my palms towards the screen and ‘beam’ the Reiki energy from my palms like a torch light beam and state my intention, “I call upon the Reiki energy for all on this list. May the energy be used for their highest good and the highest good of all concerned”. I also ask that whoever did not give me permission, that the energy be sent to their guardian angel to use where appropriate. I also ask that everyone learn the karma of their illness if they have one, so that they will be totally healed. I then state “This or something better, and only for the highest good, truth, wisdom, and light, and as Spirit wills it be”. I follow up with “In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, all his angels, saints, apostles, guides, Blessed Mary Ever Virgin the mother of God, the Holy Spirit, God Creator, Lord, Ganesh, Lady Lakshmi, Lady Saraswathi, Lord Rama, Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Lord Durga, and Lord Krishna”. I use both Christian and Hindu spiritual components with the Japanese technique of Reiki to get all the Divine energy that I can get. As Jesus said, “Whoever is not against me, is with me”. I figure that they are all with him in the light. I may add more as I learn more about Buddha and other Chinese deities as well as ascended masters. I’m hoping that my guides will advise me on who all I should use.

I don’t follow the script exactly, but it keeps me on track. With my hands beaming the energy towards the screen, I mention the names and the locations of everyone on the list. For some that are ill, I call upon the Unseen Therapist which the Higher Self of each person, to help, and then I use Jose Silva’s technique of seeing the person with their disorder. I push that mental image to the right, and then see the person receiving the energy. I also push that mental image to the right, and then I visualize the person without the disorder. After that, I chant “OM” three times which is the primal sound of creation and is the most powerful mantra, followed by “Ram” three times. “Ram” invokes Lord Rama who causes the impossible to happen. I follow that with “Shreem” and “Hreem” three times each as they are also powerful mantras. I may add more depending on which mantras I find to be appropriate. I add “OM Shanti Shanti Shanti” after the mantras.

I then focus on the list in silence with my hands beaming the energy to the screen. They get very warm and even hot on some days. I wait for the heat to subside, before closing with the Reiki power symbol over the list and saying, “I now seal this process with divine love and wisdom”. I gently press my palms together and then I blow into the air across my palms as though blowing fairy dust out to the people on the list. In my imagination I see all on the list being covered in the glimmering light of the color that’s on the screen. The energy may travel over time and space to the people on the list or perhaps it travels over the internet to them. I gently detach and disconnect from all of these connections, and I ask that any energy that comes back to me cleansed and cleared. I then thank Spirit three times.

Several healers that I know, and use have given me encouragement in my attempt to send Divine loving energy. My teacher has even said that my guides really like the energy work that I’m doing using color. I have received some positive results with people saying that they feel better and have more energy. Another benefit is that the energy may help them find another source for healing. But until I hear about miraculous results, I will continue to refine it to make it better. Remember, it’s not my energy that I’m sending, I’m directing Divine energy to the people on the list using this technique. What I am sending, is the greatest gift that I have, which is love.