by Roy Neal —

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Old Historic Astrologer

We begin the month of July with the Sun and Mercury in Cancer and both Saturn and Neptune retrograde in Pisces. Cancer is ruled by the Moon. The Moon symbolizes our emotional feelings and needs. The focus of our attention is on home, family and emotional security.

FullMoon in CapricornA Full Moon occurs on Monday, July 3rd in Capricorn. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and represents our goals and desire for success and achievement. Plans and strategies involving business and home related projects are favored. Investments in helping others will provide emotional and spiritual rewards.

A Last Quarter Phase Moon occurs in Aries on Sunday, July 9th. Motivation to initiate new projects is further enhanced as Mars enters the sign of Virgo on Monday, July 10th.

Mercury entering Leo also on July 10th inspires us to express our thoughts and ideas to others. Our ability to authentically express our truth to others is enhanced while Mercury and Venus are transiting the sign of Leo.

Opportunities to experience new ways of manifesting financial independence and knowledge continue as Jupiter and Uranus transit the sign of Taurus.

A New Moon occurs in the sign of Cancer on Monday, July 17th. This event is also the same day that the transiting North Node retrogrades back into the sign of Aries and conjoins the New Moon/Solar Eclipse point which occurred on Wednesday, April 19th. This activation symbolizes that the direction of our soul growth is now related to the experience and expression of a new sense of self. Our new emotional experience of self is enhanced by the surrender of our personal identity and will to the inner promptings of our spiritual nature. Strengthening our intuition and developing a regular spiritual practice at this time will prove to be mentally and emotionally beneficial.

Venus goes retrograde in Leo on Saturday, July 22nd right before the Sun enters Leo. A re-evaluation of our finances and relationships will occur while Venus is retrograde in Leo. Venus will not go direct until Sunday, September 3rd. The spotlight of our attention will be on children, loved ones and our creative and recreational activities while the Sun is transiting the sign of Leo.

Chiron goes retrograde in Aries on Sunday, July 23rd. Opportunities to evaluate the congruence of our true self with the activity and expression of our social personality will continue while Chiron is retrograde in Aries. Chiron will be retrograde in Aries until December 26th.

A First Quarter Phase Moon occurs in Scorpio on Tuesday, July 25th. Our awareness of what we need to let go of will support our experience of emotional wellness and personal empowerment.

Mercury enters Virgo on Friday, July 28th. Clarity about our priorities and what is essential for optimum wellness and productivity will support good decisions and communication.