by Roy Neal —

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Pisces - The FishesFebruary 18 to March 19

“Trust, Surrender, Forgive, Release, Accept, Allow and Receive.” This is the Pisces mantra. We are all attempting to navigate the tides of our daily emotional experience. Pisces is a water sign ruled by the planet Neptune. Neptune symbolizes our connection with spirit.

The Pisces individual benefits by choosing to cultivate their intuition through meditation, music and spiritual practice. Helping others opens their heart and allows them to be of service. Empathy and compassion are qualities that nourish their soul.

The opposite sign of Pisces is Virgo. Virgos help the Pisces person to learn discernment, practicality, and self-care. Many Pisces people need to learn about healthy boundaries and the balance between giving and receiving.

Josephine Wall PiscesThe Sun enters the sign of Pisces on February 18th and remains in Pisces until it enters Aries on March 19th at the Spring Equinox.

If you want to explore the light and dark aspects of human behavior you would do well to spend some time with someone who has the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or other personal planets in the sign of Pisces.