Indigo Gabbro

by Bob Romero I am not an expert on crystals by any means. My Reiki Master first introduced me to crystals when she used them to help heal me. At first the stones were ice cold, and then became hot as the session went on. She also advised me to get some crystals, which led…


Author Visit – Deb Acker

August 25, 2019 author of “Living Deeply” Book signing As spiritual beings, a huge part of our journey is healing and forgiveness. But, how do we do this to fully heal ourselves and our relationships to not only be able to handle anything that comes your way, but to recognize it’s for you? In today’s…



by Bob Romero Did you ever notice how good you feel when you see a rainbow? I’ve read several times that a rainbow can be a sign of an angel or of a loved one that has passed. It is considered by many to be a sign of good luck because at the end of…


What’s Up, Dawg…?

by Mario C. Veo Have you ever woken up one morning wondering what’s going on… what happened to the world… and whether it’s not them, it’s you… Do you get caught up in a past memory, and unconsciously smile thinking about some wonderful thing that you did, way back when… and then catch yourself and think “I’m getting…

Candle Lighting

Lighting Candles

by Bob Romero Lighting candles has been practiced for centuries in many different religions and for different reasons. Usually it’s for loved ones or for an intention that we’re asking God to fulfill. It can be for healing, or for a favorable outcome to a situation. It can also be devotion to Spirit, or denote…